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Bard's REWORKED Augments are MUCH Better

By Goody     Updated Feb 29, 2024

The latest enhancements to Bard's augments in Set 9 have injected new vigor into his gameplay, sparking excitement and discussions among players. Let's dive into how these changes have transformed Bard into a more competitive legend.

1. Silver Augment Gets a Complete Overhaul

Goodbye to the frustrating days when Bard's Silver Augment could sideline your strategy. With the rework, you now get a duplicate of a specific 3-cost unit every time you level up, offering much-needed flexibility.

The beauty of this remodel lies in the immediate value it provides. As soon as you hit the level-up button, you'll gain actionable insight into which unit you'll receive. This helps inform your decisions, whether to double down on the unit for a 3-star power play or sell off and bank more gold.

The revised Silver Augment allows you to potentially 2-star a 3-cost unit incredibly early in the game, opening doors to a stronger board presence and possibly giving you the upper hand in the race towards victory.

2. Prismatic 2-1 Augment Shines Brighter

In a game where timing is crucial, the adjustment to Bard's Prismatic 2-1 Augment cannot be understated. The Radiant Armory now opens at level 7 instead of 8, fitting perfectly after the Set 9 XP nerfs.

This tweak means you no longer have to teeter on the edge of defeat to gain access to powerful Radiant items. You can now synchronize your tactics with the new Radiant item much earlier, often while still in a comfy HP range.

Securing your Radiant item early is game-changing; it allows for a more adaptive playstyle as your board evolves. This earlier power spike helps Bard players solidify a game plan without the pressured rush of being close to elimination.

3. The Player's Perspective: Excitement and Skepticism

Although the excitement is palpable, not all players are convinced. Some remain wary of the last augment and dread a nerfed experience, reminiscing about the 'good old days' when Bard's Prismatic Augment was a tad more generous.

The idea of Bard getting a 'nerf' seems to stir up quite the debate. With discussions on whether he'll still be picking up dust in the roster or finally breaking into the S-tier with these changes, the community is alight with speculation.

Community feedback is mixed, yet hopeful. While some eagerly anticipate the buffs to make Bard viable before the next patch, others maintain their reservations, drawing comparisons with other legends' augments and the flexibility they afford.

4. The Silver Lining in Bard's Augments

Despite the divided opinions, the reworked Silver Augment is a standout favorite for many players. The 'good direction' it offers suggests that Bard may now be a more robust selection, thanks to increased direction and decision-making power.

However, some players express a desire for further enhancements to Bard—and other champions—to level the playing field in terms of early game impact. They argue that without instant value, it's challenging to compete against others who enjoy immediate board strengthening.

There's a brewing excitement to test the waters with Bard's new augments. Players are gearing up to experiment and see if Bard's late-game strength and item control can truly outscale competitors, hoping that the losses in early rounds can be turned into a strategic advantage.


Players of the tactical battle game have witnessed a significant enhancement to Bard's abilities with his reworked augments. Bard was previously considered lackluster, but with the upcoming patch 13.14, players have a lot to look forward to. The reworks mainly target his Silver and Prismatic 2-1 Augments, making them far more valuable and providing players with greater strategic flexibility.