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By Audio truyện Sora     Updated Feb 25, 2024

Welcome to a whimsical journey through the first chapter of 'The Little Tail of Great Master To,' a romance narrative that sets our scene on a beautiful autumn day back at school.

1. Reunited And It Feels So Good

As Chau returns to school after a brief hiatus, the warm reunion with her childhood friend Linh immediately highlights the deep bond they share. Linh's adulation as the top scholar brings a sense of prestige and aspiration early on in the story.

The ambience of the university is rich with intellect and sophistication, a nod to the affluent families whose children walk its corridors. This setting serves as a backdrop for the social dynamics and relationships that will unfold.

Notably absent from their gathering are peers who have dropped out or switched majors, pointing to a shared dedication among the students to their field of foreign trade and economics, adding a layer of professionalism to their youthful exuberance.

2. A Bet With A View

The plot thickens when the much-anticipated introduction of their homeroom teacher Mr. To takes place, stirring a mixture of reverence and anxiety among students. Not just based on rumor, his austere reputation sets the stage for Chau and Linh's playful bet.

The enigmatic Mr. To, with his scholarly glasses and suave attire, captures the fascination of the entire class, propelling Chau's interest. His academic prowess and rumored aloofness from female company add layers to the challenge laid before her.

Despite the light-hearted dare, the bet is serious business amidst campus politics and the relentless pursuit of academic and social standing. Chau's eagerness to rise to the challenge brings a youthful zeal to the narrative.

3. A Flutter of Hearts

The tale captures an eagerness almost palpable among the female students upon Mr. To's entry. The admiring chaos he generates hints at the intrigue and drama that will undoubtedly fill Chau's journey ahead.

In the midst of the competitive setting, Chau's bet with Linh transitions from mere banter to a significant goal, sparking a mix of determination and emotion in Chau's character development.

Chau's readiness to accept Linh's challenge not only showcases her adventurous spirit but also sets her apart from her peers, promising a trail of excitement and romance in the upcoming chapters.

4. Master To: The Heartthrob Educator

Mr. To's presence in the story as a foil to Chau's light-hearted ambition offers a dual perspective on school life: from the eyes of a respected teacher and the hearts of smitten students.

The narrative does not disappoint in painting Mr. To as an ideal, almost unattainable figure, increasing the stakes and the allure of the bet for Chau and the reader alike.

The depiction of Mr. To as someone whose approval is hard-won serves to thicken the plot, presenting a challenge that Chau is determined to meet head-on, buoyed by her confidence and youthful resolve.


Chapter 1 introduces us to Chau, a second-year foreign trade student, and her best friend Linh, the brilliantly studious star of their class. In the prestigious and competitive environment of their university, they encounter their enigmatic new homeroom teacher, Mr. To, whose cold demeanor yet compelling appearance draws immediate attention - especially from Chau. With a wager involving bubble tea on the line, Chau accepts Linh's challenge to win Mr. To's heart within a semester.