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Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Microsoft 365

By Chris Menard     Updated Mar 3, 2024

Dive into the smart world of AI within Microsoft 365, where your computer isn't just a tool—it's a clever assistant ready to ease your workload.

1. Excel's AI Capabilities

Imagine you've got a hefty list of car brands and you want to spot the top sellers in a snap. Without AI, you'd be wrestling with a PivotChart. But with Excel's AI, a simple 'Analyze Data' request gets the job done in a heartbeat, listing out the leaders with precision.

Another stroke of AI brilliance is Excel's ability to literally read images with the 'From Picture' feature. Drop in an image with data, and voila! Text and numbers materialize in your worksheet. Watching your data leap from a static image to an interactive spreadsheet feels like magic sans wand.

No more data drudgery—these Excel examples are a testament to the potent simplicity AI brings to Microsoft 365. It's not just about saving a few minutes; it's a transformative experience that reshapes how we handle information.

2. PowerPoint's Rehearse Coach

Stuttering through a presentation peppered with 'ums' and 'so' can rattle even the most seasoned speaker. PowerPoint's Rehearse Coach, powered by AI, is your personal oratorical trainer, nudging you towards eloquence with real-time feedback on filler words and pacing.

But that's not all. When you're racing against the clock to craft a captivating presentation, PowerPoint's QuickStarter suggests designs, structures, and even research content on your topic, like the 'History of the Roman Empire'. It's your secret weapon against the tyranny of tight deadlines.

AI's touch in PowerPoint is subtle yet significant. Whether it's honing your speaking skills or jump-starting your creative process, the AI enhancements in PowerPoint can elevate the quality of your presentations and save precious moments.

3. Audience Insights

Chris Menard's training is resonating well, with learners appreciating the practical examples. Whether it's creating vivid PowerPoint drafts or using Excel like a pro, viewers are scoring real wins in their day-to-day tasks.

From South Africa to the rest of the globe, Chris's tips are crossing borders, helping people fine-tune their Microsoft 365 skills. It's clear that these AI features in Excel are particularly striking, earning them high praise for their amazing capabilities.

Users are hankering for more, with eager learners ready to dive deeper into the AI-powered universe of Microsoft 365. Chris's engaging teaching style turns what could be dull tech tutorials into intriguing, accessible learning experiences.

4. Request for Features

Curiosity about the full breadth of AI in PowerPoint is bubbling up, with users inquiring about specific features like QuickStarter. Though some may not immediately find the feature, it reflects a keen interest in harnessing AI to streamline their workflow.

The appetite for AI's integration into Microsoft 365 is growing as users seek to leverage these tools to their fullest. Enthusiasm for Chris's demonstrations is a testament to the demand for content that showcases the practicality of AI in everyday use.

Even with a remarkable array of AI tools at their fingertips, users are eager to discover more and push the boundaries of what's possible in Microsoft 365. The blend of educational content with hands-on examples is the catalyst for a community eager to learn and grow.


In the fast-paced digital era, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the way we interact with Microsoft 365. This article unveils how AI streamlines tasks, transforms data analysis, and enhances communication in various Microsoft 365 applications, bringing efficiency and simplicity to our fingertips.