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6 NEWS EXCLUSIVE: Warren Buffett talks philanthropy, artificial intelligence

By 6 News WOWT     Updated Mar 1, 2024

Dive into the insights of Warren Buffett as he discusses the value of giving back and the advancements in artificial intelligence during an exclusive interview with 6 News.

1. The Billion-Dollar Gesture

Warren Buffett is not just a financial titan but also one of the most generous philanthropists of our time. With over $50 billion already contributed to various causes, Buffett highlights the sheer magnitude of his commitment to making a positive change in the world.

Buffett's approach to philanthropy is both systematic and strategic, ensuring that his donations create a significant impact. He believes in the power of wealth to address global issues and challenges.

Although his giving is vast, Warren Buffett stresses that it has never compromised his lifestyle. He maintains the view that those who give smaller amounts, but at a higher cost to their living, are even more admirable.

2. A Glimpse into the Future: AI

Buffett recognizes the transformative capabilities of artificial intelligence, noting its efficiency in processing and analyzing vast amounts of data at an unprecedented speed.

He shares an anecdote about his experience with ChatGPT, provided by his friend Bill Gates. During this interaction, he saw the potential of AI firsthand but also recognized its limitations—humor, for instance, remains uniquely human.

Even with AI's advancements, Buffett reminds us that some things, such as time and human connection, can't be replicated or bought, underscoring the irreplaceable value of human contributions.

3. Public Curiosity

Amidst the discussions of philanthropy and artificial intelligence, a comment from the public brings up a question related to historical events, suggesting that real journalism involves probing into notable figures' whereabouts during significant occurrences.

The question hints at Warren Buffett's presence in one of the secure military locations during the 9/11 attacks and suggests this would be an intriguing angle for rigorous investigative journalism.

Addressing such public curiosity can indeed contribute to transparency and understanding, fostering a deeper conversation about the responsibility and roles of influential individuals during times of crisis.


In an exclusive conversation with 6 News, Warren Buffett shares his extensive knowledge and experience in philanthropy and the potential of artificial intelligence. He emphasizes the importance of both in shaping a better future.